(Not So) Unusual Find

While I was working today, I found something pretty amazing tucked away in a shelf in a corner by the door:


It was an education copy of the mighty WordPerfect 5.2! WordPerfect used to be a standard in the word processing market, until Word took over in the mid 90’s. This version is for Windows 3.1, I believe.


It came with a whopping six floppy disks! The first four are just for the program itself, while there are two extra disks for Grammatik, which is a program that is supposed to improve your writing, I believe, and ExpressDocs, which according to a quick Google search, is just document templates. In addition, there was tons of literature, along with a smattering of advertisement flyers:


The thick tome on the right is the reference guide, which seems to have everything you would want to know about the program. The thinner book to the left is a workbook which has exercises meant to teach the user how to use the program. I miss stuff like this, to be honest; it’s great to have everything at your fingertips with the Internet and all, but I remember when you always got sizable tangible stuff with your programs.


And here’s all the other documents that came with the program. Included are not only those ads I mentioned earlier, but also small guides to using ExpressDocs and Grammatik.

I love seeing stuff like this “in the wild.” I only wish I could see more of this at thrift stores where I could actually buy it and take it home.


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