Review: Lihit Lab Bag-in-Bag

When I saw this baby while browsing JetPens, I knew I had to pick one up and try it. Hearing the guys at the Pen Addict podcast give a fairly favorable review of it solidified my decision as well. One of the things that tends to annoy me in my day-to-day life is the fact that I have to pack my backpack every night before I go to class. I don’t want to carry around all my textbooks and notebooks with me at once, especially since I have to walk a half a mile every day there and back. Needless to say, saving my back is “a good thing.” So, when I saw this, I thought it might make packing for school a bit easier.

Well, I’ll have to wait until August to really find out if that’s the case, but for now, this thing is really working well for me. My job is set up so that I can work from home, but for motivation and sanity reasons, I like to go to the library. The Lihit Bag-in-Bag allows me to stuff nearly everything I need to work sans my pencil case into it; then, I can just chuck that into my backpack, being secure in knowing everything I need for the day is with me. Not only does the huge A4-sized compartment fit my big spiral notebook and my Moleskine, but it also has room for my tablet, too. The compartments on the front allow me to store a small writing board, a few pens, some sticky notes, binder clips, a pair of scissors, and my iPod Nano. Here are some pictures!

The Lihit Bag-In-Bag, sans stuff.
The spatious main compartment.
Things In My Bag-In-Bag
The whole package.

And, the best part of the Bag-In-Bag, for me at least, is the fact that it only costs around 20 US dollars. For something that helps to organize the stuff I need to work, that’s a pretty good deal to me.


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