A Gallery of Unamused Computer Science Pioneers

On the day I discovered that marvellous copy of WordPerfect hiding in the shelves, I also found something else interesting: it was an illustrated computer dictionary with a bunch of pictures of…somewhat suspect quality, I would say? However, I realized something quite amusing: a good deal of them looked like they were annoyed. Case in point:

Seriously, he looks like he’s side-eyeing someone who cut in front of him in line at the post office.

There’s also this guy, who appears to have just gotten the news that his nephew is moving in with him and is bringing his girlfriend, his two parrots, and his chihuahua appropriately named “Barky.”

“I could live with the parrots, but god damn it, you just had to bring Barky.”

This man just sat next to someone on the bus who overshares everything about their personal lives to strangers and acquaintances, up to and including their medical history.

“Yes, that time you threw up five times in class because you had the stomach flu is fascinating, please tell me more.”

Finally, there’s this person, who just lost a bet and has to eat a peanut butter, mayonnaise, and Marmite sandwich live on the Internet.

“Dammit, if we just shook on the 50 dollars like we originally planned to, I would have come out this with my dignity, but ohhh nooo, I had to try get even with her for making me wear Dora the Explorer cosplay in public that one time!”







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