Quick Reviews: Pilot Petit1 Clear Blue Fountain Pen, Petit2 Sign Pen, Sakura Ballsign Ballpoint

Hello! Here’s a set of quick reviews of some pens I got in my recent JetPens order!

Pilot Petit1 Fountain Pen (Clear Blue): This will be brief since I’ve already reviewed a couple of other colors before: I love these pens; they’re very smooth and are perfect for when I’m writing notes when reading journal articles. I also love how tiny and compact they are, yet how much they expand when you put the cap on the back. I love the clear blue color of this one in particular, it’s about halfway inbetween the normal kind of blue you find with pen ink and sky blue. Nice.

Pilot Petit2 Sign Pen (Lime Green): Now this I haven’t gotten before: these are very similar to the fountain pens, but instead of a fountain pen tip, they have a felt tip. Again, the ink comes out very smoothly, which is A+. Also, I adore the idea of refillable felt tip pens because I love felt tips, but I dislike how quickly they tend to run out for me, and the fact that most of the run-of-the-mill kinds are one use only. In fact, I have my eye on this guy since it could have the potential to replace the Sharpie Pens that I tend to go through quite quickly.

Left: the Petit2. Right: the Petit1.

Sakura Ballsign Ballpoint (Green): Now, this I was interested in trying: a ballpoint pen with Gelly Roll ink? Gelly Rolls, for those unfamilliar, are the name Ballsigns are sold under in the U.S.  The ink was a little darker than I anticipated, though that isn’t a huge dealbreaker for me or anything; I was expecting a lighter color, though! It was very smooth though, just like the capped Ballsigns! The pen also has a thinner tip than the regular Ballsigns, being a 0.4 millimeter. Overall, a decent pen I could see myself using for taking notes in class.

The Ballsign, in all its green glory.

That’ll be it for Quick Reviews! Next up, I’ll have a review of the Pilot Kakuno, which I had gotten in the same order as all of these pens. That will be up soon, so look for that!


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