Review: Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen [Fine Point]

Awww, yessss.

Back in my Petit1 review, I talked about how I wanted to get a Kakuno. Well, here it is!

I love this package design!

Taking it out of the box, I noticed that this is not a heavy fountain pen. It wouldn’t be, since it’s made of plastic. But, that doesn’t mean that it feels cheap! The plastic feels nice and solid and the fact that it’s light makes writing with it feel very effortless.

All the components: the pen, the cap, the ink cartridge, and the instructions, which have some nice illustrations!

Another thing about the Kakuno that I noticed in contrast to my Petit1’s is that has a quite fine tip. The Petit1 doesn’t have a thick tip by any means, but the Kakuno has such a fine tip in comparison that it was worth noting.

Page of notes in my Moleskine written with the Kakuno.

I mentioned how effortless writing with this thing is; to elaborate further, the ink flows out of it very well, and I didn’t have to put any pressure in order to get these results. This is the very reason I started becoming a more discerning pen buyer; so to speak. Back when I mostly used freebee cheap-o pens, I felt like I had to use quite a bit of pressure to get them to write. The result was, especially when sitting through lectures, hand pain, bad handwriting, and an unhappy me. Now, my notes from sitting through lectures are more legible, and I’m a happy camper. So, all in all, I am pretty damn happy with this pen.

BONUS! Here’s a video of me demonstrating the pen:


4 thoughts on “Review: Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen [Fine Point]

  1. Hi, nice review. I’m looking into buying a kakuno and was wondering if it bleeds through your moleskine pages at all? It’s looking pretty good from your photo but just to be sure 🙂 Also does the ink smudge with highlighters? – I’ve heard that the pilot Namiki ink doesn’t smear with highlighters. Thanks! Sorry for all the questions!

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    1. The ink shows through a bit on my Moleskine, but it doesn’t bleed through.

      I haven’t used it with highlighters before, but I just did a quick test and it smudges a tiny bit but it’s not terribly noticeable.

      Hopefully I’ve answered your questions! Thank you for the comment!

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