Quick Reviews: Kokuyo Campus Sarasara Paper, Stabilo 88 Fineliners, Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen

It’s time for another set of quick reviews! Something from my backlog, plus some new purchases I made while I was out of town this weekend! Reviews and links are under the cut.

First up is the Kokuyo Sarasara paper, which is paired with my B5 Kokuyo Slide binder! I really like this paper. It plays nice with fountain pens and felt-tip pens like the Sharpie Pen (one of my faves) and the Stabilo, and is super smooth and makes for a nice writing experience. In addition to the Sarasara paper, Kokuyo also makes a more grippy paper called the Shikkari, which I haven’t tried personally.

stuffNext up is some stuff I bought from Pygmalion’s Art Supplies (side note: if you find yourself passing through Bloomington/live in the area, I’d totally recommend stopping by there!) when I was down in Bloomington, Indiana this weekend. Firstly, I’d like to talk about the Stabilos, which I picked up primarily because it seems a lot of studyblr people swear by these things. My first impression is that they’re quite cute! The barrel design reminds me a lot of a basic #2 pencil which is charming. My absolute favorite colors are the purple and the lavender ones. They also (as I’ve mentioned before) work quite well with my Sarasara paper, which is something that makes me quite pleased.

The Pilot Varsity reminds me of the other Pilot fountain pens that I’ve picked up. (the Kakuno and the Petit1, for reference) The barrel is round, as you can see from the picture, and it’s roughly the size of the Kakuno.pilotvarsity

The ink flows very nicely, as well. The tip is a medium point, which is larger than the fine-point Kakuno. I believe it also has a wider tip than the Petit1’s as well, though I would have to check for sure. In addition, the Varsity is disposable, so I would recommend this pen for those who just want to try out a fountain pen.

The nib of the Pilot Varsity.

I also got a Tombow Dual Brush pen, but I will save that for a future review!



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