Yo! My name is Taylor a.k.a. abyssalCompiler. In my day-to-day life, I’m an undergraduate university student/wannabe academic. I’m also an amateur artist, a singing synth enthusiast, and a stationery junkie. This blog is mostly just for things that are too long to fit into tweets, though I hope to post little projects on here as well.

Contact info:

If you want to chat, you can contact me on Twitter.

If you want to see my art and occasionally my other creative works, that’s what my Tumblr is for.

If you have any business inquiries (for example, you want to collaborate on some kind of project), PM me on either this site or the aforementioned two sites and I can give you my e-mail where we can discuss it in detail. If you happen to be a frequenter of the LoadingReadyRun forums, you can PM me there, too.

My ask.fm is lonely. Ask me things!